Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Maintaining the Unity of Diversity

                        Unity of diversity recently has been becoming a hot issue in Indonesia. There are some parties discuss about it. Also, television channels show some programs and news  focusing on that kind of issue. To understand the unity of diversity, it is better to you thinking about gado-gado, the  Javanese salad.
 Gado-gado is a food made of many different materials such as vegetable, rice, egg, and peanut sauce.  Those are mixed and create a new taste, a unique taste. There are many either Indonesian or foreigners like it.  I think gado-gado is like Indonesia. And then the question is, why? What is exactly  the unity of diversity?
Indonesia consists of  various ethnics, religions, languages, cultures and races.  This variety is a kind of grace from the god since there are 1.128 ethnics with different culture living in Indonesia.  Also,  742 languages, 6 religions, and 4 races are in one country. They all have the same purpose and  feel the same feeling. They also live harmoniously . So, the unity of diversity is not just a philosophy of our national principle, Pancasila. It is something neutralizing every diversity.
Unity of diversity has very important role in our nation. If it is ignored, it can treat our nation. One of the examples is the 4 November demonstration case in Jakarta. As we know, this case began with a person insulting other people of different religions.
That is why the unity of diversity should be maintained. We as a students, the next generation for our country, can maintain it by doing these simple ways. First, students should respect the diversity. We have to realize that we have the same feeling, same purpose to live happily. no matter what . Second, we have to built the nationalism. when we love our country, we will love all about it. Last, we should communicate the problem. As we know communication is the best way of solving every problem. When we can communicate well, there will not be misunderstanding.

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