Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bad Effects You May Suffer from Cheating

Examination is always reputed to be a frightening thing in life. Someone facing an examination thinks about a bad possibility they may have, that is failing the exam. As a result, they try to do everything to prevent the failure. Some of them study day and night before the exam. Also, joining some courses are prepared to face such a scary thing. Unfortunately, there are several people who do a bad thing such as cheating during the exam. It includes searching for the answer on the internet, book, and their friend.
Cheating is an activity of imitating someone else answers or works. Nowadays, it is no longer a   taboo thing in our education environment. So, have you ever cheat your friends in the exam? If you have, I strongly suggest you to stop it as soon as possible. It is because there are at least three dangerous effects of cheating you have to realize.
First, Cheating can decrease your brain capability. You will never use your brain optimally when you imitate your friend’s answer. you prefer waiting your friend's answer than finding it by yourself. On the other hand, it is possible that your friend’s answers are totally wrong.
Second, cheating can also make yourself to be lazy. Laziness appears because of your habit. Waiting for the answer from your friends  means that you are training yourself to be lazy. You have to realize that time passes so quickly when you sit without doing the questions. So, if you spend the whole time waiting for your friend’s answer, you may find that you have uselessly sat for hours.
Last, Cheating makes someone to be pessimistic. If you always imitate your friend’s answers and admit them as yours, you are making yourself not confident. As a result, there will be a kind of tendency to repeat such a bad thing. After knowing those bad effects of cheating, will you do it for your next exam? 
Be smart, guys !!

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