Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Is it true? Lets wait it!

Horror movies are becoming trending topics in our society. Their  release  always attracts thousand lovers, so it is not really surprising seeing the long queue in front of cinemas. These movies are as interesting as others such as action, and romance. In 2016, there have been released some spectacular horror movies such as The forest, The boy, The Witch, and Conjuring 2. Fortunately, I have read a short synopsis of Stephen King IT,the newest horror movie will be re-released in 2017.
                Stephen King IT is a movie that had been released in 1990s. next year, It will be a movie directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. It  is going to present a story adapted by a Stephen King novel in 1986. Written by dave Kajganich and Carl Joji Fukunaga, the scenario will give different sense from the previous version. It is going to be divided into two parts, Stephen  King 1 and Stephen King 2. Some famous home productions such as Katzsmith Production, Lin Picture,Vertigo Entertainment and Warner Bros Picture will make the luxurious scenes of the movie.
                Released in 2017, the film tells about a group of children called “Loser Cluc”. In the story, those children have to fight  an inter-dimensional predator life-form namely Pennywise. He is a sadist clown who has the ability to transform himself into his prey’s worst fears, allowing  it to explode the phobias of his victims. Pennywise always hunts and scares the citizens. This creature appears as a cute clown in order to attract children. Actually, the children have ever seen him before as he always come to their dreams.  Also, he usually appears and kills some people of the town. Even though adults realize how evil he is, children do not.
                As the time passes by, the children grow up to be adults. The memory about pennywise has become traumatic thing. It is because they know that he  has scared and killed a lot of people including their friends and family. They try to call back and defeat pennywise. 
                Stephen King It is going to be released in September 8, 2017. In spite of the fact that I have not been ever watched the movie, I think the story of this movie will be very tense and frightening.Therefore, be patient and do not miss it.

Detail of Stephen King IT (2017)
Genre                               : Horor, Suspense
Director                            : Cary Joji Fukunaga
Authors                            : Dave Kajganich and Cary Joji Fukunsga
Date of release                 : 8th September 2017
Actors                                   : -
Home productions           : Doug Davision David Katzenberg, Vertigo entertainment, Warner Bros pictures

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