Monday, April 4, 2016


I am

I am a flower 
Blossoms in the lightening color 
Growing up to be stronger 
Get stronger to face the summer

I am a pile of rock 
Gathering to be a tall block 
Standing sturdily on someone’s walk 
Being ready for securing the folk 

But, am I really a winner? 
Or just a damn loser? 
No, I am just a beggar 
Who won’t be alive without the genuine giver 

They call me as a dork 
Always goes off at half-cock 
Reaching miles distance on the clock 
Changing sadness to be wonderful joke

This poem tells about someone who has  thousand questions about herself, her dream, even her want. Sometimes she thinks she is very strong, so  she can do anything by herself. In  fact, she is just a human. She is nothing without the blessing of the creator. As a know nothing but arrogant person, She tries to create her own happiness. It is because her life is not only about achievement but also fulfillment. In brief, she is me and that is what I am feeling.

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