Monday, March 28, 2016


God bless you
I am grateful to “Al mighty Alloh” who always gives me strength, courage, and patience. Because of his blessing, I can create this blog as good as I can. I am also thankful to my lecturer, my friends and my family who support me all the time. They are my inspirations of finding great ideas.

Bunches of great journeys- is a medium of both improving my writing skill and sharing a lot of information. In this blog, I tried to develop some creative ideas into interesting writing. There are fiction writings as poems, film reviews, and short stories.  It is expected that the reader can be entertained by reading it. Besides, I expect that readers are able to widen their knowledge about cultures as I provide in my blog. 

Writing this blog was hard enough as I had to know a lot of things that are not related to my subject, English. In fact, during the process of writing, I felt that I have learned a lot about fiction and non-fiction writings. I have dealt with many kind of subjects.

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