Thursday, March 17, 2016

About me

Hi, how’s it goin’?

Talking about love is always interesting as we can smile and cry in the same time. Yet, it is impossible to us to love somebody without knowing them well. To love someone we should know who they are and  what either they like or they don’t. So, I am sure that i need to introduce myself to you.

As you read my blog address, I am Rini Pamuji, a "small"woman having lots of daydreams. Though I don’t know  what exactly the meaning of my name, I am very proud of it. All of my social media are named Rini pamuji. My friends, however, call me “Pelor” very often.

Today, I am a student at Jenderal Soedirman University. I’ve been studying English since 18 months ago. It was in September, 2014. In spite of finding it more difficult than I supposed, I enjoy my study very much. I like writing, speaking, even listening. I also join a martial  organization in campus since I want to make my body healthier. I suppose that’s why my friends say “ you are a masculine girl, Rini”. No matter what, I do love myself. As we have already known, everyone deserve the best in life including me.

Thanks :)

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