Monday, April 11, 2016

Film Review: Magic Hours

Tittle                      : Magic Hours
Actors                   : Dimas Anggara, Michelle Ziudith, Rizky Nazar
Director                : Asep Kasdinar
                Magic Hours is a romantic film directed by Asep Kasdinar. It was produced by Screenplay Production. Released in August 2013, the film tells about the love story of a florist and an ignorant rich man, Raina and Dimas. In the story, Raina and Dimas meet accidentally in an unexpected moment. It is because her best friend forces her to meet Dimas. Apparently, the Dimas’s precence in her life is makes it like magic hours; magical moments which they may release her sadness and light her way. They fall in love to each other. Unfortunately, their love story is not as good as they wish. In spite of some new actresses, I say that this film is totally boring. 


                Firstly, I have spent my time to watch such a very common love story . The film was adapted from a novel entitled Magic Hours: Let In the Unexpected written by Tisa Ts. & O Stanly, whose the common story as other films share. It means that the story was extremely predictable. For instance, in the seventh minute when Raina strongly refuses to meet Dimas, I could easily predict that at the end of the story she will be finally in love with Him. Moreover, I found it very disappointed comparing the source novel and the film. I think the story in the novel is much better than what is pictured.
                Then, I found my own eyes were hurt due to some freak scenes while watching this movie. There were two unnatural scenes found in the fiftieth and sixty ninth minutes. In the scene of fiftieth minute, it could be seen that the rain drops were only artificial while Raina was dancing under the weird rain. Besides, an absurd accident took place in the sixty ninth minute where it could be clearly seen that the glass of Dimas’ car has already broken before crashing Raina. Funny, huh?
                In brief, by looking at those evidences, you must think twice to spend both your time and money for watching this boring movie. It is better for you to spend your time listening to the musics.

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